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The Doctor’s Touch of Indianapolis is an affordable automotive body repair shop. We specialize in auto interior and exterior repair, including car interior and exterior repair and semi and heavy truck body repair. Our services are not limited to our physical location; we are a mobile auto body paint repair shop providing automotive repair services right at your doorstep.

Auto Paint Repair Indianapolis IN

Blending the Best of an Auto & Touch-up Shop

Has your car recently been in a minor accident, leaving it damaged or unsightly? Whether it’s headlight restoration, scratch fixing, touch-ups, or interior repairs, we can do it all. We are blending the best of auto and touch-up shops—all at a price lower than both!

Whether it’s a cracked headlight or a full car makeover, you get the same treatment and efficiency every time.

Free Estimate

Get a free estimate online, over the phone, or during an in-person visit to our shop.

Easing Insurance Claim

We work with your insurance agents so that you can claim damage insurance.
No More Costly Auto Shop Repairs.

Discover Faster & Affordable Solutions

Going to an auto shop means a hefty bill for even minor repairs and a long process. We see your hesitation when you drive your car for a fix at any regular body shop. That’s where we fill in. We simplify and fast-track all your auto repair needs so you can get your car back on the road quickly.

From minor scratches to road hazard damages, we can handle any big or small repair work at a ridiculously lower price than your neighborhood auto shop.

Car Exterior Repair Indianapolis IN

Big or Small, We Repair It All

Whether you want to fix one scratch or many, we guarantee more than one benefit.

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Emergency Towing

Get your car towed for free if you are repairing it with us.

Quick Inspection

Have your car inspected quickly for the best treatment.

Certified Technicians

Here, only certified technicians work on your car.

Convenient Location for All Your Auto Needs

Located at 5199 Harding Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46217, we offer various services to meet your automotive repair needs. From touch-up services to addressing road hazard damages and minor accident servicing, we have you covered. Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to providing exceptional service and restoring your vehicle to its former glory.

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Revive Your Vehicle with the Doctors Touch

Minor Accident Servicing

Get your car inspected and repaired to make it look brand new again. We can do a full restoration in no time at all.

Interior Repair / Exterior Repair / Paint-Touch Up / Scratch Restoration

Road Hazard Damages

Did your car get damaged due to road hazards? Get your car towed for free and serviced quickly. Whether it’s broken benders or twisted frames, we can get those sorted.

Broken Benders / Broken Mufflers / Cracked Widows / More

Touch-up Services

Transform your damaged or old trucks, cars, vans, motorcycles, or any bumpers with our full touch-up services.

Paint Touch-up / Damage Repair | More

Interior & Exterior Repair

We can do full interior and exterior repairs for your vehicle. Book an appointment and get your car repaired at an affordable price.

The Doctor's Touch of Indianapolis's Automotive Repair Shop

What Car Owners Say about Our Work

We couldn’t be more thrilled about the work they did to reconstruct our front seats!! We went to several different companies before deciding on The Doctor’s Touch/Dr. Vinyl. We knew very quickly that The Doctor’s Touch had the right people and the right place to entrust our seat reconstruction with. The first thing we noticed about this location is the cleanliness. The front desk room had clean, fresh air and clean surfaces, and their garage was organized, clean, and fresh too. We were also blown away that the owner goes out of his way to offer an allergy-friendly foam option for the inside of the seats. They have various kinds of fabrics with different levels of breathe-ability and also different colors and textures. They went out of their way to be honest and to do everything correctly during the seat construction process. We are extremely satisfied with the end result. Bear in mind that new materials take a bit of time to off-gas, as all the materials they are using are completely fresh. We took that period of time afterward with the windows down as needed, with great success. Jay and Erik were great to work with. We are truly grateful for their role in getting our vehicle ready for adventure. Thank you!!
Robbie Hill
Robbie Hill
Excellent work!!
My wife and I had our car touched up by Doctor's Touch of Indianapolis. They did an excellent job on our car and included repairing the original grill which had a hole in it about the size of a golf ball. One of their workers, Tim K Haymaker who is my nephew- in -law is their plastic repair expert. Tim was able to restore the grill to original shape which saved us hundreds over a full grill replacement. There was a large dent under the passenger door from when I hit a curb a couple of years ago. It was also repaired and looks great. Doctor's Touch also went around the car and did touch up paint were it was needed. The best part is the car was completed and the price came in under their estimate! I highly recommend Doctor's Touch of Indianapolis.
Vince Peifer
Vince Peifer
Absolutely great experience here. Price to get repairs was half than competitors. Extremely efficient, great customer service and no issues with the repairs, no surprise charges. Erik was great to work with
Justine Dupaski Carlson
Justine Dupaski Carlson
Great experience! I've never had to deal with a body shop before, but I will not hesitate to send friends/family here. They made the experience easy and a lot less of a headache than I thought it would be!
Graham Husick
Graham Husick
I think the bad reviews here are from years ago under different management. I had a fantastic experience with Doctor's Touch when they repaired some nasty scratches on my SUV. Erick, the main person I dealt with, was professional, courteous, and kept me updated frequently. Jay, the transporter and parts manager, was fun to talk to and very helpful. Josiah, the person who actually did my repairs, came in both early and late to get the repairs done ahead of schedule. Highly recommend.
Jed Fuller
Jed Fuller
Super kind and ready to give a ballpark quote over the phone.

The Doctors Touch and Dr Vinyl of Indianapolis

Check out the full range of touch-ups and vinyl wrap services brought to you by The Doctors Touch and Dr Vinyl of Indianapolis.

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At The Doctor’s Touch of Indianapolis, we take pride in being the go-to affordable automotive body repair shop in Indianapolis, IN. What sets us apart is our ability to provide mobile automotive repair services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our broad selection of services. We are your leading auto interior and exterior repair, car interior and exterior repair, semi and heavy truck body repair, and mobile auto body paint repair shop.

Choose The Doctor’s Touch of Indianapolis for all your automotive repair needs. Our car, semi, and heavy truck body repair shop is dedicated to providing exceptional service, affordable prices, and outstanding results. Trust us to bring your vehicle back to life, inside and out.